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Showcase your Tiny Framework theme site or mod

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Showcase your website or child theme based on Tiny Framework WordPress theme! Please share your website in the comments, also you could briefly describe what changes you made, specific techniques or plugins used 😉

There are several areas/industries that find a great use of Tiny Framework WordPress theme. It's hard to believe that all those sites are built on Tiny Framework (Forge), but it is true!

Selected works

Design and Fashion

Services, Industry

Education, Science, Research, Environment protection

Organizations, Non-profit companies

Art and Music

Authors, Writers, Publishing companies

Niche sites

Personal sites

RTL sites

10 thoughts on “Showcase your Tiny Framework theme site or mod

  1. Tim Kaye

    This was the perfect theme for the launch of our new online law review. Actually, it 's the first online law review designed to be read online.

    Tiny Forge is a clean, fast, and responsive theme, and it even provides several features that we haven't used yet that will give us room for growth. Thank you!

    Thanks, Tomas. Actually, I had enabled “pretty permalinks”. What I had fogotten to do was update the hyperlinks on the menu. Thanks for prompting me to correct this. All links should be pretty now!

    1. Tomas Mackevicius

      Tim, thank you very much for your kind words!

      I like a lot such theme implementation examples, where it is hard to believe, that it is actually your theme. Nice to see people innovating and using Tiny Forge as a mini framework! I hope that Tiny Forge will serve your institution well 🙂

      BTW don’t forget to enable “pretty permalinks” 😉

  2. John Howes

    VolResource has been providing practical information for voluntary and community organisations in the UK since 1999, on the web and by email newsletter.

    The original site at has a basic design (using Dreamweaver) on purpose, to ensure fast download even on poor connections, and creating to a WordPress version, late 2013, still takes into account making sure remote communities or poorly equipped organisations don't struggle. But I wanted it to look good too, be responsive and most importantly open for others to contribute updates and suggestions. I've ended up with slightly more plug-ins than I had expected, but thanks to WP Tavern for pointing out Plugin Organizer to control loading. There are also quite a few template files in the child theme directory, for those little extra tweaks.

    Anyway, the new site is at Comments welcome.

    1. Tomas Mackevicius

      Hi, John, thanks for sharing your site! Pretty minimalistic implementation, but that's how usually directories are 😉

      ...using Dreamweaver on purpose, to ensure fast download even on poor connections

      I would not bet on html site being much faster, because Dreamweaver used to include a lot of junk code.

  3. Dirk Koslowski

    Hi Tomas,
    Please excuse my creative English 😉 The most is done on our Website and so I will be show it to you and the rest of the world so that everyone can see what I'll have managed with your help and fabulous theme.

    I realized a Site for our little voluntary firebrigade in Germany This site includes also categories for the non-profit association, the active firefighters, our youth group, our own Theater group and the "Dorfstadel" (this is a function room for the hole village commune).

    I think that tiny forge is the perfect theme for beginners, but also very complex and professional sites can be realized so we can see at the wonderful examples on the top of this blog.

    The most important plugins that I use: TablePress from Tobias Bäthge, photocrati NextGen Gallery, all-in-one Event Calendar from, Contact-form 7, wp-forecast from Hans Matzen, Social Media Tabs and some more.

    Again many thanks for your great work and also for your tireless effort and support!

    1. Tomas Mackevicius

      Hi, Dirk, you did a great job for your community!

      Thank you for all good words and I wish you all the best in managing website and playing in theater!

      P.S. I also like your favicon 😉

  4. Clive Hanuschak

    I'm learning a lot quickly from Tiny Forge child themes--thanks Tomas!
    I've done three simple site for clients: (small business) (non-profit) (non-profit) (my own site in progress)

    So far I've only done simple CSS mods and tweaking existing php files. I've used a few plugins to help learn and get things done quickly for projects:

    Advanced Code Editor
    Firebug (for Firefox)
    Contact Form 7
    Cyclone Slider
    Duplicate Post
    Google Events Calendar and ifttt service (to push blog entries to google calendar)
    Google Maps widget
    Jetpack (for keeping CSS mods separate from child theme)
    Simple History
    Table Press
    Toggle the Title
    Visual Composer
    Updraft Plus


    1. Tomas Mackevicius

      Hey, Clive!

      Very nice examples! I find very interesting implementation of fixed header in MACD site. You might consider using no-border class for some images there 😉

      And I love your mountain view rendering with your picture - looks like it is the original shot!!!

      My best wishes go to CANADA! 😉

  5. Jason Simone

    Using your theme for a community website. I really appreciate the developer focus.

    I used Tiny Forge v2 and merged in the header from v1 because I liked it. However I haven't update in a little while because I haven't yet moved all of my edits to a child theme. Didn't modify much else except a few colors, created my own breadcrumbs styling, and incorporated some social plugins.

    1. Tomas Mackevicius

      Beautiful implementation! Especially I like the way you included logo 🙂

      This is not Tiny Forge v2. Everything is v1 and the header is from a separate child theme. Perhaps it was in the beginning, but later I decided to keep parent theme a bit simpler to make easier to bend it different ways.

      Important - v2 is coming with improved structure fully accessibility ready and much more!!! 🙂


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