Tiny Forge v1 theme version history (maintenance mode)

Here you will find full version history of Tiny Forge v1 WordPress theme. v1 is no longer in active development, please use new Tiny Forge II branch for your projects! ;) If there is a need, you can access old Tiny Forge versions @ WordPress.org

Tiny Forge v1.5.9 (2014-07-15):

  • Enhancement: make sub-menu links work correctly on tablets (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: bump JS version (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: some of the links/buttons in the footer were too small for a user to easily tap on a touchscreen. Made these tap targets larger to provide a better user experience on mobile devices.
  • Enhancement: improved line spacing for post titles.
  • Enhancement: new tutorial added: Set Next and Previous post links to be from the same category as current post.
  • Enhancement: new tutorial added: Display posts on front page only from a featured category.
  • Bug fix: fixed old variable names in style.less of child theme example.
  • Bug fix: .aligncenter image with caption was not centered.
  • Translation: added Japanese translation - BIG thanks to ISHIKAWA Koutarou (@stein2nd).
  • Translation: updated German translation - BIG thanks to Ralph Stieber.

Tiny Forge v1.5.8 (2014-06-05):

  • Enhancement: improved Tip28 and added Tip28b - Enable curly quotes in WordPress (functions.php) (only in child themes). Although it looks that things might change in WP v4.0
  • Enhancement: updated colors for custom button styles, added orange custom button.
  • Enhancement: added "...continue reading" link for the Excerpts.
  • Enhancement: added function to control the length of Excerpts.
  • Enhancement: new tutorial added: Display full posts on front page only (Excerpts for Search, Archives and additional pages of Index view).
  • Bug fix: use correct logic in IE conditional comments in header template (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Bug fix: avoid a PHP notice if no images were found (via Twenty Twelve).

Tiny Forge v1.5.7 (2014-05-05):

  • Enhancement: implemented HTML5 Galleries & Captions in WordPress 3.9. Gallery got slicker thumbnails.
  • Enhancement: increased image caption font size.
  • Enhancement: added temporary function to let older WP installations use HTML5 galleries. Will be removed later. Thanks to ThemeShaper guys!
  • Enhancement: removed .dropdown CSS class from top navigation opting for WordPress native CSS class .menu-item-has-children, also removed Tip05 from functions.php that was used to generate .dropdown CSS class.
  • Enhancement: increased allowed depth of top navigation to 4.
  • Enhancement: added CSS style for cite.
  • Enhancement: updated LESS style sheet for child theme, added rules for easy customization of mobile nav menu.
  • Enhancement: new tutorial added: Footer - Hide "Log in" link.
  • Bug fix: fixed Front Page Template widget's CSS style bleeding to footer widgets.
  • Bug fix: prevent Page %s from being added to page title on 404 error pages in bundled themes (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Bug fix: restored default behaviour for .custom-background-empty.

Tiny Forge v1.5.6 (2014-03-27):

  • Enhancement: updated mobile menu (via theme Expound 2.0.1). IMPORTANT: some CSS class names changed! If you use custom mobile menu styles, please check the new CSS code in Child Theme Example to update your child theme.
  • Enhancement: realized that people DO NOT read readme.txt :) so added a non-disruptive admin notice to inform users about additional resources. Big thanks to Konstantin Kovshenin for the code.
  • Enhancement: changed media query's (section 12.1) minimum targeted width from 600px => 770px. This way I'm targeting 7" tablets in Portrait view.
  • Enhancement: increased z-index of top menu drop down, to keep it on top of other elements (like galleries, sliders, etc.).
  • Enhancement: added bottom margin for the Recent Comments widget entries in Sidebar.
  • Enhancement: increased avatar sizes for author byline and comments, increased text size for comment author name.
  • Enhancement: added bold style to post author's name in comments (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: increased font size for the comment box.
  • Enhancement: updated the HTML5 Shiv to 3.7.0 (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: styled select element (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: removed doc block comments for @return void (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: on attachment pages for audio and video, display players. Currently, only a link is displayed. Add minimal CSS rules for compatibility (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: new tutorial added: Display featured image thumbnail in archive views (index page, categories, etc.).
  • Enhancement: new tutorial added: Enable Site Logo for mobile view.
  • Accessibility: improved menu navigation for keyboard and voice-over interactions by properly focusing on submenu items when they are open (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Bug fix: small Schema.org implementation bug in functions.php.
  • Bug fix: hide mobile menu in IE compatibility mode.
  • Translation: updated Tiny Forge POT file.
  • Translation: added Lithuanian translation - BIG thanks to Mantas Malcius.
  • Translation: added Russian translation - BIG thanks to Pavel Veshinak.
  • Translation: added several expressions used in Tiny Forge Child Theme example.
  • Translation: modified functions.php of Tiny Forge Child Theme example to correct name space for the function that is overwriting parent theme's function.
  • Translation: added admin panel notice string.
  • Translation: updated German translation - BIG thanks to Ralph Stieber. Now de_DE-Du version will be activated by default.

Tiny Forge v1.5.5 (2014-02-17):

  • Enhancement: highlight calendar widget dates containing an article with bold font. Thanks Pascal46 for the idea!
  • Enhancement: Improved printing CSS styles: removed videos, changed blockqoute color, enabled visible URLs for the content links, other small aesthetic improvements.
  • Enhancement: corrected function name for remove_post_formats.
  • Enhancement: updated code for Tip24 - now no-border CSS class can also be used for images in widgets.
  • Enhancement: added more options for the Tip08 - Remove junk from head.
  • Enhancement: updated editor-style.css to better reflect Tiny Forge CSS style.
  • Enhancement: enclosed function tinyforge_the_title_trim (the one that changes a title for protected and private posts) in if ! function_exists, to make it easy to replace this function in child themes in case you want to disable sanitizing of title, etc. (functions.php). Also added modified function to the child theme example, see section 1.3 in its functions.php. Big thanks to Brett Holman for the idea how to fix it!
  • Enhancement: use the 'display' filter for get_bloginfo( 'name' ) attached to the wp_title filter (via Twenty Twelve: ticket #27091).
  • Enhancement: improved Tip02 - Optional code to enable favicon. Now favicon can be displayed not only for the website, but also for admin area and login page.
  • Enhancement: wrapped tinyforge_content_width in if ! function_exists (functions.php).
  • Translation: updated German translation - BIG thanks to Ralph Stieber.
  • Bug fix: corrected small bug in Tip05. Now pages with subpages also get dropdown icon in top menu. Thanks Chris Urick for reporting.

Tiny Forge v1.5.4 (2014-01-17):

  • Enhancement: IMPORTANT - updated Elusive-Icons webfont. From now on Elusive-Icons webfont CSS styles start with .el-icon-* instead of an old .icon-*, also the individual icon codes changed, so please update with new ones. If you were using social icons, please check section "Quick start guide - 6." to get updated code. This update might break some of the websites, but it is not something I can control. If you had custom embed styles, please update them. More info on Elusive-Icons webfont
  • Enhancement: changed Child Theme Name: Tiny Forge Child => Tiny Forge Child Example. Preparing to publish Child theme example at WP.org.
  • Enhancement: moved humans.txt to /inc folder.
  • Enhancement: moved editor-style.css and editor-style-rtl.css to /css folder (functions.php, editor-style.css, editor-style-rtl.css).
  • Enhancement: added Twitter Bootstrap alert CSS styles.
  • Enhancement: changed title for protected and private posts - words "protected" and "private" are replaced by lock or lock + user symbols.
  • Enhancement: for a cleaner look removed underline text decoration from meta links.
  • Enhancement: in article meta author now stand first, followed by publishing date.
  • Enhancement: show comments meta (comment count) even if commenting is disabled (via Twenty Fourteen).
  • Enhancement: added additional body classes - category (or any other taxonomy) class for single posts, Page slug. Additional body classes ported from Twenty Fourteen - Index, archive views, Single views, Presence of header image, Presence of footer widget(s).
  • Enhancement: added additional post classes - add a post class to denote Non-password protected page with a post thumbnail (ported from Twenty Fourteen).
  • Enhancement: added specific CSS style for blockquote inside comments.
  • Enhancement: wrapped tinyforge_setup in if ! function_exists (functions.php).
  • Enhancement: decreased distance between articles in archive view.
  • Enhancement: decreased top margin and added bottom margin for the UL and OL sublists.
  • Enhancement: renamed some titles for theme customizer to make it more clear (ported from Twenty Fourteen).
  • Enhancement: changed if statements for functions.php according to new WordPress coding standards (always require braces).
  • Enhancement: added Tip25b - Disable special icons, that marks the links that will open in a new window (style.css) (only in child themes).
  • Enhancement: added Tip26b - Print HTML bellow post title with meta information (date/time and author) for the index/archive views in MOBILE and/or NORMAL view (style.css) (also in child themes).
  • Enhancement: simplified Tip30 (removed optional code from content.php).
  • Enhancement: added Tip32 - Add shadow to post/page title (style.css) (also in child themes).
  • Enhancement: disabled default hyphenation of text for article. Added Tip33 - Enable hyphenation of text for article (style.css) (also in child themes).
  • Enhancement: added Tip34 - Display author info card at the bottom of posts on a single author website (functions.php) (also in child themes).
  • Enhancement: updated code for Tip81 - Completely disable the Post Formats UI in the post editor screen - disabled by default (functions.php) (also in child themes).
  • Enhancement: added Tip84 - Remove error message on the login page - better for security reasons.
  • Bug fix: corrected the font size of comment meta next to entry title (only in child themes).
  • Translation: new strings to translate: "Site Title Color", "Display Site Title & Tagline".

Tiny Forge v1.5.2-3 (2013-12-17):

  • Enhancement: increased bottom margin for the bottom navigation #nav-below of index and archive pages.
  • Enhancement: increased the line-height (spacing between lines) of entry title in mobile view.
  • Enhancement: commented out set_post_thumbnail_size in fuctions.php for the time being. Perhaps will use it to display featured posts in the index, when Featured Content functionality will be added to the WP core.
  • Enhancement: some updates to child theme example (functions.php).
  • Enhancement: updated child theme example design - made title bigger.
  • Enhancement: added Tip13 - Remove Open Sans (from Google Fonts) as default font (functions.php) - in child themes.
  • Enhancement: new screenshot at 880x660 to maximize theme goodness in the new theme viewer design (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: increased width of #site-generator to make enought room for text in localized versions of theme.
  • Enhancement: updated theme tags for WP v3.8.
  • Localization: added German translation - BIG thanks to Ralph Stieber.
  • Bug fix: corrected the web-icon size for featured post title.

Tiny Forge v1.5.1 (2013-11-17):

  • Enhancement: reverted the header image for the Front Page template - made it ON by default, but added Tip12 - Disable header image for the Front Page Template to have classic Twenty Twelve front page look (style.css) - also in child themes.
  • Enhancement: added padding-top for #site-title-wrapper for the mobile view.

Tiny Forge v1.5 (2013-11-15):

  • Enhancement: a BIG ONE! New mobile menu, ported from the Theme Expound. Big thanks to Konstantin Kovshenin.
  • Enhancement: a BIG ONE! Added LESS support to child theme template.
  • Enhancement: added shadow to the top menu drop-down items.
  • Enhancement: improved footer widget stacking and responsiveness. Thanks to leejosepho for the tip. Code by Steven Stern.
  • Enhancement: increased the content font size from 14px to 16px in posts and pages for better readability on high resolution screens.
  • Enhancement: added input font for < ie9 Password Box to make the bullets show up. Thanks to leejosepho for the tip. Code by Srini G..
  • Enhancement: implemented Microsoft-specific @viewport rules for better responsive styling in Windows 8 "snapped" views (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: added bottom margin for the oEmbedded videos.
  • Enhancement: added Tip62 - Add side borders for the middle footer widget - to better separate widgets visually.
  • Bug fix: corrected the parent theme template name in the child theme example: Template: tiny-forge. Thanks to David Radovanovic for the tip.
  • Bug fix: disabled (via style.css) header image for Front Page Template, to better reassemble the original idea from Twenty Twelve.
  • Bug fix: replaced get_bloginfo('home') with new home_url() in the child theme example. Thanks to leejosepho for the tip.
  • Enhancement: many small changes to the child theme template, so please cross check with yours.

Tiny Forge v1.4.1 (2013-10-15):

  • Enhancement: added optional Google Fonts support (functions.php), search for Tip31.
  • Localization: updated tinyforge.pot file for better localization.
  • Localization: translated noscript warning.
  • Localization: added Swedish translation - BIG thanks to tommywik.
  • Enhancement: updated colors for headers - post title is black, content headers - the same color as content text.
  • Bug fix: single attachment page displays empty sidebar (upstream to Twenty Twelve - ticket 25506)
  • Enhancement: do not show comment meta next to article title if there are no comments (in index and archive pages).
  • Enhancement: added web font icons to the Tag archive title, Yearly, Monthly and Daily archive title, Author's archive title, Search results.
  • Enhancement: made Search results title same color as of Archive title, added radial background to search results page (same as in archive pages).
  • Enhancement: added Tip30 - Hide entry meta section (with author, categories, tags) in the Index page and archive listing.
  • Enhancement: moved human.txt support option from header.php to functions.php. human.txt now will reside in the theme folder, no need to move to root.
  • Enhancement: updated the way meta tags are inserted to make them better readable in the source code.

Tiny Forge v1.4 (2013-09-30):

  • Enhancement: added an example of Tiny Forge child theme. This will make easy for users to modify the look of their website and retain the changes after update of parent theme. It will also encourage users to start experimenting with the child theme idea (inc/tinyforge-child-theme-example.zip).
  • Enhancement: display custom headers for posts and pages even if main header is disabled. Custom headers for posts and pages are assigned as a "Featured Image". This changes default behaviour, when removing header image (Admin Panel Menu > Appearance > Header) would disable header globaly.
  • Enhancement: changed get_template_directory_uri() %s to get_stylesheet_directory_uri() %2$s in custom-header.php. This plays role in defining location of the default header images. It will make life easier for child theme creators, who can replicate default header images folder and replace default images with custom ones.
  • Localization: updated tinyforge.pot file for better localization.
  • Localization: added French translation - BIG thanks to Dolordo!
  • Enhancement: updated code comments to reflect WP inline docs standards (via Twenty Twelve - ticket 25256 ).
  • Enhancement: changed top menu dropdown arrow for items with submenus to less visually invasive type.
  • Enhancement: removed bottom border from a single attachment page.
  • Enhancement: updated code for inserting author avatar (via Twenty Twelve).
  • Enhancement: added additional custom header images to make random image option more obvious.

Tiny Forge v1.3 (2013-09-08):

  • Added option to upload custom Header Logo via Theme Customizer (Admin Panel Menu > Appearance > Customize).
  • Increased body margin-top on white background picked via Theme Customizer.

Tiny Forge v1.2.2-4 (2013-09-05):

  • Optimized header image.
  • Removed unnecessary comments.
  • Fixed .entry-title size styling.
  • Fixed Schema.org implementation code for post meta in functions.php.

Tiny Forge v1.2.1 (2013-08-23):

  • Theme name change from 2012-XTended to Tiny Forge.
  • Theme becomes parent theme with several bundled child themes to have an example on how to extend it. So it's still based on the Twenty Twelve, but I will not have to maintain the relation to it. That became very important with evolution of HTML5 elements and the fact, that WordPress team is not interested in evolving older default themes.
  • Fixed the bug in sidebar that caused select element with very long value to overflow theme boundaries.
  • Added Twitter Bootstrap code class.
  • Added Twitter Bootstrap button styles: class="btn" class="btn btn-custom" check style.css file for more button styles.

2012-XTended v1.1 (2013-06-13):

  • Improve icon webfont rendering for a:hover state (style.css)
  • Updated .clear class - taken from Twitter Bootstrap (style.css)
  • Improved icon webfont ul and li styling in widgets (style.css)
  • Declutter post listing for index page and archives - top and bottom meta is visible only for single posts (content.php)
  • Added Tip13 - Add Twenty Thirteen search form to WordPress nav menu (functions.php, style.css)
  • Added theme support for default core markup for forms to output valid HTML5 (functions.php)
  • Non-existing HTML5 element hgroup replaced with div.site-branding (taken from theme Underscores).

2012-XTended v1.0 (2013-06-06):

  • Initial release