After answering many user questions on WordPress support forum, I compiled a comprehensive guide on how to use Tiny Framework/Forge WordPress theme and its child themes. I hope it will give you a confident start and encourage you to begin your own coding journey! ...continue reading "How to use Tiny Framework and its child themes: a comprehensive guide"

This simple CSS fix will improve your website's usability and make Jetpack Gallery Carousel Close Button: Bigger, Brighter and Better!

Many people enjoy using Jetpack's Gallery Carousel lightbox (personally I usually go with: Gallery Carousel Without JetPack), it is indeed very good and stable solution. But it has one "week" spot - the carousel Close button ...continue reading "Jetpack Carousel Close Button: Bigger, Brighter, Better!"

I would like to thank all donors, supporters, contributors, theme translators and code authors for helping me to produce and support Tiny Framework theme!

Many people helped me in many ways to produce and support Tiny Framework/Forge theme. I would like to thank all donors, supporters, contributors, theme translators, listed on main Tiny Framework page and code authors ...continue reading "Big thanks to Tiny Framework supporters!"

This is a short guide for Tiny Forge users who want to upgrade their websites to Tiny Framework WordPress theme.

First I would just try to activate Tiny Framework on your site and see how it looks, perhaps everything will be in a good shape ๐Ÿ™‚ It is pretty safe, because you can always go back to Tiny Forge theme. Please note that Tiny Framework requires at least WordPress 4.1.

The more custom CSS and other custom code you have, the more things you might have to adjust, but in general themes are very similar, so it should not be something too difficult.

These are the areas that you may need to adjust in the migration process ...continue reading "Tiny Forge to Tiny Framework migration guide"

Tomas Mackevicius

Accessible WordPress theme Tiny Framework goes live! It is a complete overhaul of a popular Tiny Forge theme.

9 months in the making, it's like my baby ๐Ÿ™‚

Big thanks to Antonio Sรกnchez, Joe Dolson, David A. Kennedy and Rian Rietveld for all the help during development and approval process!

I already have first review!

I've tried literally close to 300 themes, both free and paid for, and I kept coming back to Tiny Framework. WebTrooper

Accessible WordPress theme Tiny Framework was built to be extended and the best way to achieve this is to use child themes. Currently Tiny Framework has three child themes. Some of them are free, others are given as "Thank you" gifts to those supporting Tiny Framework development with donations or contributions (theme translations, bug fixes, etc.). Higher tier donation earns all lower level gifts too!

...continue reading "Tiny Framework child themes"