After answering many user questions on WordPress support forum, I compiled a comprehensive guide on how to use Tiny Forge WordPress theme and its child themes. I hope it will give you a confident start and encourage you to start your own coding journey! ...continue reading How to use Tiny Forge and its child themes: a comprehensive guide

Everything is moving fast in web development world these days. Something that was great yesterday, is old today. What does it mean for the future of Tiny Forge WordPress theme, a popular and highly ranked responsive WordPress theme that found its way into hearts not only of beginning web amateurs, but also professional web builders? Tiny Forge was downloaded more than 50,000 times on and rated 5/5 stars, but we do not stop there, in order to provide users with the best WordPress theme for learning and developing, we are out to complete several tasks to stay in good shape. And we will do it with the next iteration of our theme - accessibility ready Tiny Framework! :D We were working hard on theme accessibility, better and cleaner document structure, compatibility with popular plugins and much more! ...continue reading Announcing accessible WordPress theme: Tiny Framework

This bug (Track #26866) of Twenty Twelve WordPress theme is related to media query, that is responsible for print view.

In style.css under @media print we find bunch of rules with the CSS class .singular. As far as I know, Twenty Twelve does not generate such body class.

Most likely the easiest way to fix this bug is to append code snippet from Twenty Fourteen theme to the function that creates extra BODY classes, generate additional CSS class .singular, that would be used to mark single posts and pages. ...continue reading Bug reported: Twenty Twelve uses not existing CSS class .singular

Here you will find full version history of Tiny Forge v1 WordPress theme. v1 is no longer in active development, please use new Tiny Forge II branch for your projects! ;) If there is a need, you can access old Tiny Forge versions @ ...continue reading Tiny Forge theme version history (maintenance mode)