Important update. Tiny Forge theme is in "maintenance mode", that means it is being replaced by new theme iteration - Tiny Framework. Tiny Forge will continue to receive updates to fix bugs and important compatibility issues, so don't worry, you're not left alone 😉

Please use Tiny Framework theme for all new projects. Tiny Framework is available to download Latest development version can be downloaded here.

If you would like to migrate your website to Tiny Framework, please see Tiny Forge to Tiny Framework migration guide.

This is a short guide for Tiny Forge users who want to upgrade their websites to Tiny Framework WordPress theme.

First I would just try to activate Tiny Framework on your site and see how it looks, perhaps everything will be in a good shape 🙂 It is pretty safe, because you can always go back to Tiny Forge theme. Please note that Tiny Framework requires at least WordPress 4.1.

The more custom CSS and other custom code you have, the more things you might have to adjust, but in general themes are very similar, so it should not be something too difficult.

These are the areas that you may need to adjust in the migration process ...continue reading "Tiny Forge to Tiny Framework migration guide"

Here you will find full version history of Tiny Forge v1 WordPress theme. v1 is no longer in active development, please use new Tiny Forge II branch for your projects! 😉 If there is a need, you can access old Tiny Forge versions @ ...continue reading "Tiny Forge theme version history (maintenance mode)"

After answering many user questions on WordPress support forum, I compiled a comprehensive guide on how to use Tiny Forge WordPress theme and its child themes. I hope it will give you a confident start and encourage you to start your own coding journey! ...continue reading "Tiny Forge user guide"


Showcase your website or child theme based on Tiny Framework WordPress theme! Please share your website in the comments, also you could briefly describe what changes you made, specific techniques or plugins used 😉

There are several areas/industries that find a great use of Tiny Framework WordPress theme. It's hard to believe that all those sites are built on Tiny Framework (Forge), but it is true!

Selected works

...continue reading "Showcase your Tiny Framework theme site or mod"

Tip01, involved files: functions.php

The best way to modify a WordPress theme is to not modify it at all 😀 Instead you would modify a child theme that is based on the parent theme of your choice. This will let you receive all future updates and not to lose your changes when updating (WordPress overwrites theme files with every new theme version). The good news - an example of starter child theme is included with my themes!

If you were dealing with child themes before, most likely you are including the parent theme's CSS file via style.css. That is the standard way of doing it, so you might be surprised why Tiny Forge and Tiny Framework child themes do it the other way ...continue reading "WordPress theme Tip01: include CSS and JavaScript files via functions.php"