This bug (Track #26866) of Twenty Twelve WordPress theme is related to media query, that is responsible for print view.

In style.css under @media print we find bunch of rules with the CSS class .singular. As far as I know, Twenty Twelve does not generate such body class.

Most likely the easiest way to fix this bug is to append code snippet from Twenty Fourteen theme to the function that creates extra BODY classes, generate additional CSS class .singular, that would be used to mark single posts and pages. ...continue reading "Bug report: Twenty Twelve uses not existing CSS class .singular"

Sneaky eye
Sneaky... Photo: Sean Carpenter

This bug (Track #25506), affecting how attachment page is displayed, was hiding in everyone's sight like an experienced spy from cold war era. Interestingly, this bug affected not only Twenty Twelve, but also Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen, though on a smaller scale.

So, one shot - three bugs fixed! 😀

Twenty Twelve: style.css with Table of Contents

When I first saw new default WordPress theme Twenty Thirteen, I really liked new addition for style.css - a Table of Contents. Default theme should help new users to understand where goes what and especially it is useful when developing child themes. Table of Contents for style file helps to achieve this task, I even think that it would be useful to have Table of Contents for functions.php too ...continue reading "Twenty Twelve: style.css with Table of Contents (to be or not to be…)"