Too often, any talk of web performance quickly ventures into the land of heavy geekery. Terms like DNS lookups, Gzipping, minifying, far future expires headers, caching, ETags and more are thrown around and consequently lose the attention of most non-techy people. This perpetuates a mentality that performance is solely a technical concern that only developers need to concern themselves with.

It’s time for us to treat performance as an essential design feature, not just as a technical best practice.

~ Brad Frost

Tomas Mackevicius

Working hard on a new Tiny Forge iteration - Tiny Framework accessible WordPress theme. I started complete theme rewrite in August, 2014... that's almost 4 months in making! πŸ˜€


What started as a simple update, became a new theme!

Everything is moving fast in web development world these days. Something that was great yesterday, is old today. What does it mean for the future of Tiny Forge WordPress theme, a popular and highly ranked responsive WordPress theme that found its way into hearts not only of beginning web amateurs, but also professional web builders? Tiny Forge was downloaded more than 65,000 times on and rated 5/5 stars, but we do not stop there. In order to provide users with the best WordPress theme for learning and developing, we are out to complete several tasks to stay in good shape. And we will do it with the next iteration of our theme - accessibility ready Tiny Framework! πŸ˜€ We were working hard on theme accessibility, better and cleaner document structure, compatibility with popular plugins and much more! ...continue reading "Announcing accessible WordPress theme: Tiny Framework"

Here you will find full version history of accessible WordPress theme Tiny Framework. If there is a need, you can access previous Tiny Framework versions @ ...continue reading "Tiny Framework theme version history"